For a reminder: Australia around 2021 the population had reached 25 million

Around the same time Sir-Lanka Population had: 22.16 million

Did you know that when seeking work you may be asked do you have a First Aid Certificate +

If you wish to take advantage then do on line the first part (this is the LINK)

make sure you select the CPR as well as the First Aid, this is the cheapest in your area

   Did you know that when you have children it's like a roulette game

   Is your child Healthy, Very shy, Outgoing,. Boisterous. 

Anti social, Medical issues.Creative  

   Your children may be an influence on the reaction of 

your friends if they are not aware of some conditions

Keep it simple and remind your friend that when you visit 

you will be staying only for short time

During the past 49 years Tim Clarke from Wollondilly, Mittagong,Bowral & Tahmoor, Driving School
Has enjoyed the company of migrants from all over the Globe LI
Tim is inviting you to a global social
get together for 2 hour on a day & date & time that
 suits you,It's your nomination that makes the choice
This is your opportunity to meet likewise 
friends & family friends
This is where you can exchange information & ideas
There is no cost
Bring a snack & a drink for kids
Talk to Tim so that we can make this happen

Contact Tim: 0408-426379

Talk to Tim  BACK