TAKING LESSONS $60 in your car for 1hour & 30 min

TEXT TIM to give you a call back Mob 0408-426379
Tim does not provide a vehicle

TEXT TIM  to call you
______Tim Clarke Mob 0408-426379__________


Meet; Sakshi Vir The Driver Of The Year 2021
Mittagong Driving School IS Taking appointments

Tim is charging $65 for one hour & thirty minutes in the school car

In your own car $50 for one hour & thirty minutes

We will not conduct lessons in SUV Vehicle or Ute or a vehicle without a standard hand brake

If you are in the health care profession

 you will benefit with a reduction of $10 each lesson

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Take a look at the Driver With No BRAIN HERE

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Will you be prepared for your Driving Test
                   Problem, with learners taking a driving test before
they can drive properly "Madness"  
It's amazing how some expect the system to patronize
them and allow to be in charge of a killing machine in a
public place....Look at the Gun Law

Safe driving is paramount & bullyng is out,
If you book a driving test & then expect Tim to modify
your bad habits Do not call Tim
Idiots are dying every day because they take
 risks and cannot drive properly
A drivers licence does not mean you are a good driver
A driving test is a tick of the box at the time of the
test that you have not stuffed up
Mittagong Driving School Celebrates the
Driver of the Year 2021

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  Mistakes made by students1.

      When contacting a driving school and you address

   your introduction as ‘HEY Mate’ you don't have a chance of booking a lesson.

2.       You will not get a response

3.      You send a text without adding your name & location You will not get a response

4.      As a student with a polite attitude and respect for others you should do well

5.      Tim has no time for anyone with a bad attitude, as it’s the playground for the BULLY

6.      Every day on the roads the bully displays their mannerism and cause accidents

7.     To cancel a lesson because it is raining is neglecting a serious responsibility to be a safe driver. Without   this practice you are likely to have or cause an accident. You have only one life8.  

     Compare what friends tell you about driving is taking your attention off what is correct.

    You will become the Driver With No Brain

Celebrating 50 years
Vehicles which do not have a standard HAND BRAKE
are a death trap for learner drivers
Tim will not conduct a lesson in your
 own vehicle which does not have a
 standard hand brake

This is for Tahmoor, Picton, Wollondilly, Mittagong Bowral, contact for other areas

NOTICE: ...If you do not show on two occasions
Your future appointments will be forfeited (cancelled)
and no further appointments will be accepted
Congratulations for choosing the best instructor
This is fantastic, Talk to your friends to get a recommendation for your appointment
Phone Tim Clarke on 0408-426379, or Text
 The Cost is:
Driving School Automatic Car $65 1hour& 30 min
Two hours $100
On the day of your Test 3 hour $150
 No school Manual, use your own
NO UTES ** NO 4x4 No SUV
 Should you work in the Nursing medical industry
 Tim will reduce your cost by$10 per lesson
Phone:0408-426379     Email: timclarke@mail.com
Yes this is it!    You can achieve a result that will astound you
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