Driver of the Year 2021 Presented to: Sakshi Vir 

This award is in recognition of Driver management and skill There are many factors, which are considered to achieve The status as the number one driver It’s a credit to parents with instilling virtues of politeness. Honesty and integrity, self-discipline, respect for others and the sense of responsibility that Characterizes a young person’s approach to life.

It goes to show that leadership in the home is Priceless and deserves recognition, From the time you start your lesson or enter the work force there is always someone monitoring your progress. You can achieve great results with an ambition to succeed and Willingness to endure the sacrifice of learning If I can encourage a student to think It is then I will succeed in imparting knowledge to a greater level of success

Congratulations to you, Sakshi.
 As deserving credit for your achievement 2021
           Your Reward is 5 lessons to Learn Manual transmission