WHAT'S INVOLVED FOR YOU, THE PARENT  Getting a driver's license is often referred to as the modern equivalent of a ritual of passage to adulthood for the young, new driver -- and it's certainly a dangerous one. A wise parent will seek the help of reliable professionals in preparing the teen for the complex world of the automobile and traffic. It's not enough for today's teenagers to learn as their parents did. The driving world they enter is far too intense to tackle without serious preparation. As a parent you are the one who cares most about your teenager's driving ability & safety. This booklet folder we provide to you will help you participate in the process of educating your teenager, it is a valuable tool for your learner Sit with your learner and explore the pages, you will notice the illustrations & it is a huge dollar saver if your learner understands their meaning as it saves time on a lesson for me to explain. Don’t dump it somewhere; Read it, know it; understand it. It will give you insights into the skills and knowledge that your professional instructors accumulate over years of teaching (40Yrs). It will inform you about the pitfalls lying in wait for you the amateur instructor during the early stages of learning about the defensive strategies taught in modern driving courses, and about the need to follow up after P licensing to ensure your teen continues to develop defensive driving skills and safe habits. ON THE ROAD With Mittagong southern highlands best driving instructor If possible, leave your teen's first 2 on-the-road experiences to the care of a professional. Many a nasty accident has occurred because an inexperienced beginner was allowed to get into a situation that was too much to cope with.  A miscalculation in speed, a sudden change in traffic conditions, or an awkward combination of circumstances could lead to disaster. The professionals are used to anticipating such problems and have advantage of dual controls. Your task as co-driver is to back up the work of the professionals with well-planned and coordinated practice sessions. This is wise information to process as your driver makes progress. www.wollondilly.com  www.tahmoordrivingschool.com  www.hilltopdrivingschool.com