TEXTING IS BANNED    After 31/10/23

      On my web site’s where you see Text OK  TEXT NO gives you the heads up

Tim’s office has made a business and social decision

to BAN texting as a time wasting and intellectual breakdown

In the near future babies may be able to text before learning to talk.

A teenager applying for a work position will be in panic 

street if asked a question as they do not know how to converse.

When you send a text you will wait in anticipation for 

a favorable response because you are seeking attention

While a person in conversation with you constantly check 

their phone. How Rude.

People in the family home walk around with their Ph in 

their hand; you might say “that’s how it is today.

Well I say to you!

“Drive like an idiot because that’s how it is today

Should you need Tim’s attention 

Phone Tim after 7pm  0408-426379

Email any time you desire  timclarke@mail.com

Tim does not answer the ph or text while conducting a lesson

Tim will be back to taking lessons and will 

not waste time on a mobile

Should you need information about your licence?

Go to: https://www.myrta.com