Bangladesh and India share a 4,096-kilometre-long (2,545 mi) international border,

The fifth-longest land border in the world, including 262 km (163 mi) in Assam, 

856 km (532 mi) in Tripura, 318 km (198 mi) in Mizoram, 443 km

 (275 mi) in Meghalaya, and 2,217 km (1,378 mi) in West Bengal.

Bangladesh is among the most densely populated countries

 in the world, and shares land borders with India to the west, 

north, and east, and Myanmar to the southeast

to the south it has a coastline along the Bay of Bengal.

SYRIA: Did you know Arabic dialects are used in everyday life,

 most notably Levantine in the west and Mesopotamian in the northeast.

Pioneers blazing a trail to Australia
 in search of adventure & a new life

Leaving their native home of Bangladesh,India,Nepal, Philippine's, 

Sri-Lanka, Syria, Thailand and so many more areas,states & Countries.

This is a very Brave Decision.

  We Hope To Be A Great          Assistance for New Arrivals

Settling into Accommodation.

 ............Finding Secure Safe Occupation............

................Families with Children.................

There is so much consideration that needs to be addressed

             Assistance is urgent for the welfare of everyone concerned

Residents who live in the Southern Highlands,Mossvale, Bowral &Mittagong

realise it is semi rural where a great distance is necessary for

travel to Work, School,Uni, also College

When you view the vastness of other countries you

will be reminded how significant it is that we

recognize the importance of other people 


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your LINK to Your

New Migrant Social Assistance