Your infants way of developing and learning about the world around them is by 

watching, listening, feeling, smelling, Hearing & Copying.

Home Experiences

       You as the carer parent of an infant can provide your little one with the 

development they need by encouraging your infant to experience the sheer

 joy of being with you and allowing them to watch and help

 you in and around the home environment.

        We as adults take our environmental experiences for granted, so we 

must remember that infants learn and develop by 

watching us and by helping and assisting us do the jobs.

       Encourage your infant to help you, make it an enjoyable experience.

 Your chores will no longer be chores, but pleasurable, 

valuable time spent with your inspiring infant. 

This caring experience will take you to your child's important 

adventure of teenage years, Learning to drive. 

Proprietor of Mittagong Driving School, Tim Clarke "Lisa's dad'

 will take your teenager to another level of young adulthood

 with his skills of forty years imparting knowledge and skills of driving  See Next

          By: Lisa Clarke Preschool Teacher 


Lisa Clarke