You and Examiner

There is lots of talk about examiners when going for your driving test

 Friends are full of it; they know all the catches tricks and entrapment It is quiet amazing  how learners listen to tripe from their friends                                                             One R.T.A to the next is the subject before taking a test “which is the easiest?’.

So and so is a dragon lady the guy is a grumpy mongrel and so the the blame and shame goes
 on and I have witnessed it for 43 years                                                                                                                                      
  It may be time to expose the truth about driving examiners.
During my forty three years instructing I have witnessed one female & one male driving examiners
who were out of line when conducting a driving test By this I mean their manner, attitude,decision
skill, tolerance, and understanding.

                                                            “They did not last long’.                                                                                                             

  I have been to all metropolitan testing centers also Goulburn, Bathurst with learners for their driving test

During the past 43 years I have the greatest respect for the examiners who take a great risk taking someone for a driving test

Their job is different to a driving instructor as the learner taking a test is supposed to be an accomplished driver and it is not known until into the first 3 minutes of the test that the examiner may assess the driver’s capability

Some drivers taking the test are just scared or really nervous and will react different to the examiner than their regular supervising driver

While others may act very confident composed and in charge of their decisions

Then you may have the cock sure I know what I am doing driver who acts like they have a right to a licence

The examiner has to be sharp with their judgement of a driver’s skill and knowledge and understanding of the road rules

The examiner has to make a serious responsible decision as to the ability of the driver on the test

Would you like to be a passenger with your P driver friend if

the examiner had the attitude she will be right mate

you will get better as you go ‘and pass your friend?

It is not the hours behind the wheel that makes a driver safe

It is what’s between the ears and the attitude.

The willingness to develop a good attitude to be a tolerant driver

When you decide to take charge of a vehicle you are taking responsibility

Are you mature enough…you decide

Don’t blame the examiner